When we warm up on the treadmill we want to make sure a few things are in order.

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Once we have those things nailed down we adjust our foot position to maintain good leg control and for optimum stride. This doesn’t just apply to the treadmill we can do this to while jumping rope or doing any type of leg dominant impact warm up move.


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Video Transcript

“Talking about getting a good warm-up in I’m gonna warm up like they probably do in Thailand with this heavy rope or i’m gonna use the treadmill most of us if we have access to the gym we’re gonna go right onto that treadmill but in both cases we gotta remember what our feet are doing.

So first thing that comes in contact with the rest of the world it’s the feet so don’t think with your head think with your feet, right quick when you’re warming up, if i’m on this rope i want to make sure that my feet are not strict but out here all right like they’re allergic to each other… like they’re at the family reunion and they got beef right the feet owe each other money the point is like you want the toes to be away from each other more than they’re here same thing when you’re on the treadmill so much repetitive movement so much impact a lot could go wrong just repeatedly kind of zoning out on your treadmill one thing 

I could go wrong the feet start to turn in we can dial in all these muscles you can try it right now you can kind of spin your knees and your toes out here and feel how active and grounded you get whenever you do something like a Hindu squat…

you see that similar muscles are activated when you get those toes apart so again it doesn’t matter how you warm up if you’re doing the treadmill you’re jumping rope remember uh keep those feet like they’re allergic to each other and dial in through your lower body.”