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Are kettlebells good for power? | 3 Eneegy systems with 1 bell – Coach Johann CSCS



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Video Transcript

“You want to hit as many energy systems as you can with one piece of equipment, would you choose the barbell? Would you choose the treadmill? Are you gonna do the wind bike? You’re gonna do the you’re just gonna work the heavy bag.

What if you wanted to build strength, right? You’re just gonna have one dumb bill, maybe a set of dumb bills, right? It’s expensive. They are these days. Maybe you just might as well get one, but all you really need is one kettlebell because the ballistic movement, you being able to stay in motion, you can hit three energy systems. So to do that, I’m just gonna set the clock for 30 seconds and do my most explosive move.

Right? So I do my most explosive move first for about 30 seconds. All right. To get the power going after that, 30 is up, I’m looking to build strength.

I’m gonna do my chest, press my back squat, my goblet squat, or my deadlift in this case a row.

Those are the four, five count in a row moves that I’m gonna hit for reps. So now I just go into my rep count, right? Same bell. Your mileage will vary on what heaviness you wanna work with. Right? You want to do something that you can kind of get through all three of these with.

So you do your rep count since we’re strength 8, 10, 15. Now we did our power. We did our strength. Now you’re just gonna grind nothing, beats grinding than doing these things that everybody knows how to do these two arm swings right here for two minutes. So it’s the old 1, 2, 3, right? You got one bell, three moves in two minutes. You could probably go a little bit longer than that.

But look at that, we just hit every energy system. We even kept that thing in our hand the whole time. And we built strength, cuz we aim for that rep count watch. As you continue to do it, the strength portion of your rep count, start to dip as fatigue sets in. Now you can push, right? And that’s how you build strength with 1, 2, 3.”

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