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ANAEROBIC and AEROBIC Workouts can get you Stronger!

Anaerobic simply means “without oxygen.”

During the first 7 – 15ish minutes of ANY workout, your body ramps up and realizes, “o crap, I’ll need MORE OXYGEN to continue this intensity,” and your need (oxygen debt) goes up until you “pay” it back.

Within an exercise duration, certain moves and sets are also anaerobic, like doing sets of 20 burpees then moving to do “cardio.”

Which means AEROBIC means “with oxygen.”

After about 20ish minutes you body primarily shifts to using oxygen to generate ATP – FUEL – for that intensity.

And that’s the difference.

Why should I Care at All, You Ask?

Each of us is better at one or the other by design. We have certain muscle fibers which guide that.

What one are you??

You should train anaerobic and aerobic workouts based on your specific sport, event, goal or need!

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Here’s a training secret

All HiiT Workouts are Anaerobic, but not all anaerobic workouts are Hiit workouts.

Short powerful bursts for a minimal duration of time, like 2 minutes hard, with a 30 second rest – for example – is a HiiT Interval (redundant, I know).

And, for gains, you do HiiT’s way shy of 1 hour.

That’s ANAEROBIC work.

On the other side, a 5K run or jog, or a lightweight workout is aerobic.

This is because we perform work for 3 minutes or 4 minute sets at lighter weights while recovering for at MOST 30 seconds.

Then, we do it again for 40 to 60+ minutes.

Even a distance run is a minimum of 28 minutes of straight gradual intensity where by the end, your body is using oxygen to fuel its needs.


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