One Swiss Ball Ab Workout for Women Who Sit at a Desk

As you settle in for another work day, an uneasy feeling comes over you as your hip flexors fire off a salvo of pain upward.

This desk, this chair, this posture – you again sense that by the end of the day, your legs will become sessile extensions of the desk monster.

In fact…

Another 7 and half hours later and you will NEED to separate from your desk before it envelopes your body whole, gobbling you from the ground up like a mouse trapped inside a terrarium.

You NEED to move around about the free world.

If this is a daily experience for you, then you’re a lot like in this way to my first ever client, Katie.

I will never forget the effort and determination of my first professional client.

Katie was an indelible personality, a leader inside and outside the gym, and a neck breaking cutie.

Platinum blonde with a Georgian accent, she was all charm and disarming wit – a 5 foot standout among her Californian peers. She was a dynamic persona attached to a dynamic ponytail, which flopped wildly when she ran her standard 3 miles a day.

Katie helped me develop a full scope of workouts for women in our time together.

She was always game.

And I was always curious.

She worked innocently at a desk, closing corporate sales deals, but always found her way to freedom – her 3 mile runs and training sessions.

It was her release.

I learned how determined a young woman she was – I also learned how creative we could get with each other in helping Katie reach her goals.

As Powerful as Katie was at Work, she Always Complained about her Midsection and Core

It was – she protested often – too flabby, too weak. Perhaps it was a chink her armor. Maybe she shared the deprecation many women do about your core.

I dunno.

I know that Katie, was an unstoppable force.

A Swiss Ball Ab Workout For Women like Katie MUST be Elite

Forget it.

Forget the quotidian crunches and sets of 10 – they get you no where.

Forget the 3 minute planks unless you’re planning hanging toe-to-bar afterward.

You know that this Swiss Ball ab workout must include process and discipline.

It’s like a Martial Art!

My sensi, Lopez, taught me how to balance myself on a Swiss Ball in angles that defied Newton.

I felt like a palm tree in the middle of a hurricane, flopping violently in concentric revolutions about a 65 cm balloon – my legs dipped deeply in an inferno.

Ab workout for women
Step one – on two knees, tighten your core lockout your hips

Ab workout for women 2
Step two – place both hands on the ball, balancing on the ball’s sweet spot
Ab workout for women 3
Step three – with 1 hand between your knees, place the other on the outside of a knee, making a small triangle of balance, swing the opposite leg to place foot on the ball, 1 knee

Ab workout for women 4
Step four – lock out your hips, tighten your core
Ab workout for women 5
Step five – place BOTH hands between feet, angle your back
Ab workout for women 6
Step six – this is the challenge! Swing the grounded knee to the ball with feet down on the ball before holding, switching sides out dismounting

Your Upper Quads ARE Your Core

And on the Swiss Ball, they’ll burn like Hades.

I was proud to teach Katie the Lopez Progression, and then, give her weights to do while on the ball

She lost 4 inches in our time together… she was happy with her core and midsection after then, when she moved back to Dixie in 2008.

I’m positive, that this ab workout gave her the strength she still uses to crack skulls in the boardrooms of tomorrow, a fierce little dynamo, a stellar woman.

Swiss Ball Ab Workout

  1. Start with the Lopez Progression on the ball

    • 5 minutes to warm up your core
  2. Continue to the seated progression
    • 5 minutes to activate your core
  3. Bridge – to – Full Sit Up
    • 2 minutes straight, return to 2. in between sets
      • x5 sets
  4. Work through the same series WITH WEIGHTS!
  5. Finish with oblique crunches for 10 minutes straight (this is cardio intensive!)