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Meet Johann Francis, CSCS

Your guy on the inside is highly experienced & educated.

Johann, your Coach and seasoned trainer is/has:

  • CSCS certified
  • and trainer certified since 2003
  • trained hundreds IN-PERSON, schoolteachers and CFO’s alike
  • at more than 35,000 hours
  • a nutrition expert, (Bachelor’s in Sports nutrition)
  • performed as a lifelong athlete
  • coached every type of eater for a myriad of health concerns
  • a proven sit-down method for change
  • worked with the NSCA, NASM, AFAA, NCCPT and others as a CE provider
  • the author of The Peoples’ Science, the nutrition certification ebook
  • been Head Strength Coach at two fight gyms working with hi level amateurs and professional fighters
  • more experienced than most modern nutrition coaches performing similar tasks today inside the industry
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Compound Forms

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What we Offer

Level I - Students' Section

Students’ Section is free monthly meetups and PDF’s!

  • 50 + page food, diet and sports nutrition guides
  • 30+ motivational articles
  • 25+ nutrition videos an tutorials
  • “What We Don’t Know about Nutrition” – FREE
  • Dozens of courses FREE
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Level II - Competition Corner (Bundle)

Competition Corner gives you full access PRO | DEV!

  • Conditioning for Competition Live event Updates!
  • 1 year Access to all content NOW
  • A 4-week digital sit-down pack with Johann – $409 value
  • “What We Don’t Know About Nutrition” FREE
  • Both certificates discount
    • Conditioning for Competition (4 hrs)
    • Gym Nutrition Certification     (5 hrs)
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