Perform this Push & Pull Anaerobic Exercise Plan and push your metabolism sky-high

My last day as a Head Strength Coach was bittersweet because my class was mostly empty.

It was two days before New Year’s and the weather was cold and dumpy.

My 7pm classes usually brought in a full house, mostly of regulars, but that day – my last one – spared lots of people emotional trauma.

Two of my regulars, Lyn and Vince, were badasses in the weight room. They were in great shape, showed hi-level technique during all my anaerobic exercise days and powerlifts, and outworked everyone.

As Coaches, we call them, the Bar – the high water mark – the de facto motivate slash lead-by-exemplary work rate figures.

I loved it.

They barely missed class.

Seeing as it was Lyn and me, on my last day, she wanted to change the quotidian and train with me.

She set up a CrossFit Workout, the likes of which I’ve done, but typically steer clear of.

21, 18, 15, 12 for 15ish minutes.

This, like all CrossFit was the perfect type of Anaerobic Workout

Anaerobic – without oxygen – is the predominant energy system in exercise beginning from onset (1 rep, or 1 second) to, in a single set about 90 seconds. Or, the main energy system burning in about 15 minutes of work.

This is a layman’s explanation. One that steers scientific denotation.

Consider anaerobic exercise, the amount of work you do before you body hits the first wall.

Notice, if you are in OKAY shape, it takes about 15 minutes.

This, technically is the point your VO2 max and heart rate split from linear relationships and your heart rate raises, telling your body to intake more oxygen to sustain a workout. AKA your analactic, lactate or lactic acid threshold.

Training Anaerobic exercise benefits anaerobic exercise crossfityour by conserving energy later in your training.

Remember, the longer it takes for you to hit your first wall, the more aerobic energy you have to continue your run, your high rep lifting day or your kettlebell workout.

Try the above workout:

MY favorite anaerobic exercise routine

Set 1

Decline Bench Press

15(70%), 12, 10, 8(85%) reps

Pull ups for

5 reps

x4 sets

Rest for 2 minutes MAX

Bent Dumbbell Rows

8-12 reps (increase weight by 5% each set)

Incline Dumbbell flyes (stay at 50%, 10 reps

x4 sets

Good Luck!