A Brutal TRX Workout Routine the Adventurous (and modifications)

4 of the Best Non-boring exercises on a TRX Suspension Trainer


TRX Workout Routines, when done progressively, get you STRONG

Here’s the truth about your suspension trainers: they are limited in giving you full strength gains over time when used alone.

You have to superset with your TRX or suspension trainers, or, you need to know some key features about them.

  1. Adjust the angle to add intensity to your everyday, trite, coma-inducing YouTube TRX workout routine – this is like adding weights to your barbell in between sets
  2. ALWAYS hold your core tight enough to keep your butt squeezed
  3. You might always be on your toes an entire TRX workout routine
  4. You can work it plyometrically
  5. It can assist in giving your postural and strength arrangements for freestyle bodyweight moves like muscle-ups and pull ups.
  6. It mimics Pilates movements
  7. It works your core better than any piece of gym equipmentTRX WORKOUT ROUTINE 2
  8. You will NOT gain muscle size from it – no matter how long you use it – this is about sub-max strength and movement

The TRX Workout Routine for the Advanced

1a. Single leg Deadlift with Kettlebells

1b. Single Leg lunge

2a. Jackknife to Pike Alternate

2b. Jackknife to Pike with Arms In

3a. Pull Over

3b. Squat to Reverse Row

4a. Handstand Push Up

4b. Incline Lat Pulldown

5a. Muscle Up

6a.Single Arm SkullCrusher

6b. Under Hand SkullCrusher


Learn these moves with me at the gym!


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One of my trainees, Greg, and I worked extensively to build lots of muscle. We had goals of 5+ pounds of muscle and as such we used the TRX to work. I creating a solid regimen using the bars and kettlebells, we made a TRX workout routine that’s second to none! Check it out!

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