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Johann's free Guide to Strength Training

  • The important aspects of Strength
  • Sets and Reps
  • Intensities for results
  • Recovery concerns
  • Get started or readjust your training program with smarter goals


STRENGTH TRAINING level 1 (Approx. 1 hr)


weekly LIVE Program

Strength Training Advice and plenty of it! Updated frequently, this site is looking to cover EVERY mainstream aspect of Strength, conditioning and Nutrition and break it down for you to build and get stronger no matter your skill level.

Courses are broken up into either CRASH COURSES or CERTIFICATIONS.

Both end with quizzes so you can practice your skills.

2 popular CERTIFICATIONS are not free but rewarding and eligible for discount.

Strength Training Level 1 course is free.

Otherwise, all advice here on site is free for you after free membership!

Nutrition, sets and reps, periodization, training cycles, recovery, organization through different modalities, workout order, Johann's BASE method and way, way more. You'll pick up exciting and new ways to exercise too.

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