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How do I train for Power? 2 ways to MAXIMIZE your Lifts – Coach Johann CSCS

Jump exercises are not the only way to train power at all, there’s too many exercises to name which do add to your power dynamic training.

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Mainly you’re going to deploy maximum effort in either of these two cases.


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Video Transcript

“So we’re in here to work power. That’s positioning yourself properly probably what I mean is this power is that high intensity low speed or it’s that intensity high speed so I can continue to do something really quickly if it’s light and the intensity is low and develop power.

Doing this or i can take my bell and go into one side each and do that slowly I’m developing the same power.

So the next time you want to go into the gym it’s power day you’re going to go low weight blow it out and that means doing that for about 30 seconds 45 seconds that’s what your muscles can take before it starts thinking about strength overpower if you heavy go slow really gut it out and that’s purposely positioning yourself for power.”

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