Advanced TRX Workout | Low Back Stretch | Kettlebell Flow

TRX & Kettlebell Opener | Advanced TRX Workout

By stretching out your low back and then working with the heavy kettlebell, you get an awesome opening series to start upper body workout day. After putting your body through a compound flow, we can blow out your muscles by overloading them with this advanced TRX Workout – which you can modify.

Start with the Short Spine Stretch

We use a heavy kettlebell to anchor your neck and skull to the floor. Using your upper body strength and then crunching toward your head, we unfurl the back bone by bone. 10 reps or about 2 minutes.

Kettlebell Flow | 1/2 GetUp & Tripod Bridge Press

Kettlebell workouts are amazing for strength and conditioning and cardio simultaneously. By performing these supersets you essentially are getting a “HiiT” workout. Of course, HiiT is simply short active rests in between intense sets of hard submax work – still, get working with kettlebells we easily perform about 100 reps every 5 minutes of swings and incorporate explosive moves in the middle.

Continue to the advanced TRX workout using UNCONVENTIONAL moves

Reverse Curls & Skullcrushers, TRX pendulums, and Plank ups add extreme intensity to the upper body by using these intense moves. Perform 10 reps each or 1 minute straight.

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