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Power – Coach Johann CSCS

How do you train to sprint FASTER? Hamstrings over Quad Training

Sprinting faster is pretty much the job of the hamstrings, believe it! 👍SUBSCRIBE! Many sources say the quads are the dominant muscles in sprinting – that’s incorrect – but they do act as a BRAKING mechanism in the sprint cycle. Instead, it’s the hamstrings and the hips. Also, working your technique in sprinting means […]

How do I train for Power? 2 ways to MAXIMIZE your Lifts

Jump exercises are not the only way to train power at all, there’s too many exercises to name which do add to your power dynamic training. (But first, SUBSCRIBE to the Channel! Mainly you’re going to deploy maximum effort in either of these two cases. _________________________“FIGHTER CONDITIONING” Program 🟠🔵🟠🔵JOIN IN🟠🔵🟠🔵 Ego Killer PODCAST (REVIEW, […]