Conditioning for Competition

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Conditioning for Competition is a battle tested strength program based on my near 20 years of experience and nearly 40k hours training with fighters, inside training camps and amongst competitive people like you.


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Conditioning for Competition: a 6 -9 week strength program with measurable strength standards & goals

Unleash Your Peak Performance with Conditioning for Competition

Elevate your strength and redefine your limits with Conditioning for Competition (CforC) — an elite-level strength program meticulously crafted from my two decades of experience and over 40,000 hours spent training with fighters, within training camps, and amongst individuals driven by competition, just like you.

🥊 Experience the Edge of Excellence: Discover a battle-tested regimen that goes beyond conventional training methods. CforC is the culmination of years spent fine-tuning the art of strength enhancement, designed to catapult you to the pinnacle of your athletic potential.

🏋️ Comprehensive Resources at Your Fingertips: Dive into over 80 on-demand video sessions, each meticulously curated to empower you with the wisdom and techniques essential for dominating the competition. Enhance your understanding with downloadable resources and insightful PDFs that unveil the secrets of top-tier conditioning.

📱📺 Seamless Access, Anywhere, Anytime: Whether you’re on the move or seeking inspiration from the comfort of your home, CforC provides access on mobile and TV. Train at your convenience, ensuring every moment contributes to your journey towards excellence.

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Level up your strength, redefine your limits, and embrace the mindset of a true competitor. Conditioning for Competition (CforC) is your ticket to a new realm of athleticism, power, and success. Elevate your performance and stand ready to conquer every challenge that comes your way.

Join the journey of champions today. Experience Conditioning for Competition like never before.

Are you prepared to claim victory?