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Active Nutrition Coach – Coach Johann CSCS
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This curriculum is for you – become elite! Choosing this course and curriculum, nutrition coaching, means you give a damn – about others, about nutrition. It means you are willing to think differently and abide by your beliefs and that you demonstrate those feelings through straight-up action. Building actionable thoughts and ideas prove you practice the things you preach. Inside this industry, (I’m sure already you know), that’s rare. Thanks for being among the unicorns, the uniquely knowledgeable, and different from the mainstream nutritionists, who regurgitate banal nutrition information with shallow passions. You are here to motivate, inspire and help change!

We discuss how nutrition science is the foundational way to cure disease. It’s preventative in the most basic way. Of course the most famous example of this is scurvy or the 1747 James Lind discovery that there are substances in food that cured ailments, (the result of nutrient deficiencies). Sailors heading abroad died of painful, disgusting scurvy, which is a disease where the collagen in your body breaks down and yields hideous, agonizing bodily sores. Today, we know that vitamin C is a building block of collagen. These sailors would get these terrible wounds until they noticed that on some boats there were limes, and the sailors seasoned their foods with those limes – these men would never get scurvy. On other boats, which carried no limes, men died of the disease still.

Nutrition is so very young. Most it has been uncovered in the past century. This is the reason we can have so much debate – its youth as an applied science yields a nebulous future which is still being designed today.

Let’s look at the progression of nutrition information over time.

Nutrition science is young as a study. I am convinced its youth makes nutrition more debatable and subject to the whims of individualized nutritional veracity. It is often not treated like a science. No one questions the dogmas of the other applied sciences: geneticists who map the human genome aren’t asked if they missed a chromosome or two in the mapping process. Yet nutrition, again, since it is relatively young, is subject for over-debate and confounding and obvious reductionism, oversimplifications, and outright silly bro-science (i.e. the dangers of niacin flush or the beauty of a carnivore diet).

This is a quote from the great Jack LaLanne on his 1960’s TV show.

He describes “sugarholics” who are people addicted to sugar! He believed that peoples’ mood changed and that they embodied the destructive and devilish cane sugar they compulsively consumed. Have things changed?

We talk here about the continuum on which nutrition information is processed. Over the like hundred years, we see a noticeable shift. Here’s how.

It’s important to know that modern nutrition came from the work of other people pondering the origin of disease, then drawing conclusions from found (some, stumbled upon) cures. The nature of disease and namely deficiency, inspired the investment of nutrition as a field of science.