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Meet your motivational San Jose personal trainer. Let’s talk about scheduling some quality fitness sessions.

choose 1 of 3 paths

Elite Strength & Conditioning

  • Personal Training with Johann Francis, CSCS
  • Starts at $80 per session
  • Sessions between 35 – 50 minutes
  • Uses my Strength Standards
  • Detailed goal Tracking
  • No End date
  • Renewable
  • 6 to 10 weeks with an end Date
  • option to renew
  • Strict schedule
  • Active goal setting
  • 4 Week Cycle-based
  • Sessions between 45-55 minutes

Competition Training

Injury Recovery, Post-Physical Therapy

  • 2 week Packages – renewable
  • Approx. 35 minutes
  • Uses Pilates Reformer and kBox
  • Starts at $90 per session
  • Detailed strength building and fitness around rehabilitation
  • Designed to help you life a quality daily lifestyle without pain and with Strength
  • Learn how to rebuild your body after physical therapy has ended.

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