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Total Strength Training I – Coach Johann CSCS
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Everything you need to add to your strength training program today. Includes lesser-known strength training technical tips.

What you’ll learn

  • Muscle Fibers and their Exercise Targets
  • BASE Training Method
  • Breaking up your Training to avoid Burnout
  • Standards for Weightlifting
  • More!


  • None, just a passion for lifting weights and training


Enter the gym with purpose! Even if your gym is outside in the regular world, you will know exactly the WHAT and the HOW to train. Training is about goals and can confusing. This entry level course breaks down the REASONS to train, literally, taking the time to highlight goals for the day, week and months via PERIODIZATION – a method which goes under utilized in training.

After this short course, you WILL augment and build a BETTER training program today!