Fighter Conditioning is Year Round Conditioning

I run this program with women and men who compete for love of the sports they excel in.

Fighter Conditioning:

a 10 week + On-demand
multi-week weight & strength program with Johann, CSCS’ personalized strength standards

BATTLE TESTED weightlifting, Cardio & Strength
for the FIGHT

FIGHTER CONDITIONING is a weightlifting & strength program based on my near 20 years of experience and nearly 40k hours training with fighters, inside training camps and amongst competitive people like you.

We boiled down the training into a few important factors. These factors stand out because of Coach Johann’s experience as a competitor, a coach and lifelong student.

Here’s THREE REASONS WHY THIS IS BETTER training, and will last you a lifetime. We’re based on:

  1. YEAR-ROUND “Periodization” – avoid burnout
  2. EASY to visualize
  3. DAILY Nutrition suggestions

Year Round Conditioning

Founder Johann Francis is a 19+ year pro Coach

  • CSCS certified
  • since 2003
  • trained hundreds IN-PERSON
  • at nearly than 40,000 hours
  • nutrition expert, (Bachelor’s in Sports nutrition)
  • performed as a lifelong athlete
  • coached every type of athlete and competitor
  • a proven strength method for change
  • an indie gym owner for more than thirteen years
  • provided CEU courses with ACE, NASM, NCCPT, NCSA
  • Dreamland Boxing Fight Camp Strength Coach


Fighter Conditioning is a curriculum. Every single day has a purpose so chuck up the DEUCES to strength programming GUESSWORK because there is none here. Each week, we have a goal. We use heart rate variables to measure intensity. Miss a day? No worries, every single video is archived. Coach Johann’s Strength Standards and BASE training for success guarantees you yield at your own home gym, the fight gym or the local big box – you’ll get the HOW to WEIGHTLIFT for CARDIO and FIGHT gains solution with FIGHTER CONDITIONING.

Weightlifting CAREFULLY is ESSENTIAL for Year-Round Conditioning

I created this program based on camps with professional fighters, Sandra Magallon, Mark Salgado and Chris Washington of California but have been developing it for over a decade, molding it into a skeleton for the ideal strength & conditioning program for anyone with high goals.

Coach has your back

Erecting a community of people, daily, whether you are part of the membership group or if are online support only – know you are minutes from getting answers to your questions from Johann anytime you feel stuck on your programming.

help with eating

Day one, you are granted not just the dozens of cheatsheets inside the program but the 50+ pages of PDF’s regarding eating for daily gains and meal planning.

Macrocycle charts

Easy to visualize charts help you envision the perfect macrocycle – for 9 months of training – and keep your goals in clear view. We train year round, staying ready. Cardio + Weight Training + Bodyweight. Just science.

trials for free

After purchasing Fighter Conditioning videos, you are given access to membership (Competitors’ Corner) online to train  live workouts with Johann, and access 2 weeks of Planning (3 – 6 PDF plans).

Garbriella Strange, former D1 Athlete

What I love most about Johann’s take on training is that it is so varied! What I find most difficult about working out is how quickly I get bored doing the same exercises. Johann is successful in targeting the same muscle groups doing so many different workouts you never get bored.

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Mark Salgado, 22, Professional Boxer

“Working with Johann was an absolute pleasure during my camp. Johann is knowledgeable of the progressive nature of a fight camp, thus he was able to create a program that built my conditioning/strength up to a point through increasingly harder workouts and then plateaued until the day of my fight. Johann’s awareness of over-training translates into his workouts which are difficult enough for you to need to push past comfortability but never over the top or dangerous.”

Example Day 0, Week 1

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  • 10 week LIVE workout cycle with lifetime site access
  • 80+ on-demand video
  • downloadable resource/PDF and video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Access to a online Mesocycle Free
  • Check-ins each week
  • Lifetime discounts
  • free ebook on Nutrition: What we don't know about Nutrition

$65 one-time payment entitles you to LIVE access, site membership, discount certifications and more on-site. ($99 reg.)

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