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Your program is dynamic strength and conditioning.

Fighter Conditioning is customized strength and conditioning designed for competition.

     You, however, need not be actively competitive to train like fighters do. All you need is an end goal to enjoy the process of this program.”End goals” refer to 1 or 2 competitions/events.This determines our training cycle.Most training cycles, regardless of activity, are similar for athletes and athletic practitioners and that’s why Fighter Conditioning is:

  • streamlined
  • periodized
  • battle-tested

      You’ll still drill and do sport-specific work – bag work, pads/mitts, track days et al. – but with Fighter Conditioning your, strength training, an often ignored and passed over due to complexity of adaption – is EASILY rolled in.

Fighters, strength and conditioning is essential for PEAK gains in the fight world and abroad, make no mistake.

     Yup, y’all could do the samey battle rope, box jump supersetting…but, there is hard proof – especially with MMA, that sports specific training leads to better yields.The question always has been “HOW“?

  • What do I limit to strength train
  • Will I get injured?
  • Do I need muscle to fight and compete?
  • Won’t musculature mess with my form?

     You should ALWAYS been weight training – we just modulate the WHEN and the HOW MANY based on your event timing.The MANY types of muscle fibers in our frames determine, “building muscle.” So, “muscle building” is NOT, NOT, NOT the same as building BULK and distorting your fight training. Fighters just need that coaching.

Weeks 1 & 2

Right away from day 1, week 1 of the Fighter off season, our programming is geared toward accepting the upcoming strength training load.

Weeks 2-8

Endurance first – we build high volume lower intensity work here mostly. Further away from competition, we do heavier, power based lifts and harness strength gains.

Week 9 & 10

Competition is close. Let’s taper down our work loads with expertly modulated tabatas and agility to stay sharp.


My background in sport nutrition means the guesswork is GONE, fighters.  Some of you take protein powder before roadwork or pre-workout AFTER your conditioning…Guessing is fine, it never killed anyone, but let’s get it RIGHT so you get an EDGE. My nutrition guides are/do:

  • Make sense
  • Evidence Based
  • Keep you energized


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