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Fuel your frame: meal planning with NO confusion.

Planning meals is confusing for most.

According to Today’s Dietitian, some 80% of us are confused. And, I personally stay surprised the number’s only 80%

It seems that everyone is confused. Even athletes I’ve trained offer up very inchoate questions about their eating, which is most interesting to me.

Athletes have the highest caloric demands because they perform the most.work.

Still, everyone performs at some activity. We all have meals to plan at that.

What determines how we meal plan?

Different demands for Every activity

fuel your frame intro 1

the how: adjusting ratios

A giant portion of our meal planning is adjust macros. We always start by adjusting ratios.

And of course, first we adjust protein. This, however, is just the beginning phase of meal planning. We should know the complexities of your sports or activity.

Walking, bouldering, pick-up basketball and other activities inclusive time under tension, burn different amount of calories of course. Furthermore, these activities burn different macronutrtirents.

Fueling your Frame, essentially, breaks down into knowing which macros to refuel and in which quantities. Simple.

Lazy carb dieting

On average, even at the slower end, people walk 2 miles in a half hour. Within this time, we burn about 100 to 250 calories based on your weight. Most of that caloric burn, is from fat.

No one eclipses their lactate threshold walking!

In this way, we can make a perfect smart recommendation of simple replacing calories and fueling your walk.

This is the opposite of carb dieting or carb cycling.

Without question, whenever any trainee or future workout aficionado chooses a new goal – the instant go-to for performance will be carb reduction.

And it’s a weak recommendation. Always.

It’s the advice we are force fed. And, it is easy. At least from the outside looking in.

Our agenda

  1. Week 1-3
    • Running – more complex carbs
    • Kickboxing – increase in overall intake
    • Cycling – a mix of creatine and overall intake
  2. Weeks 4-6
    • HiiT – carb and sugar timing
    • Core – minimal increase in intake
    • Basketball – increase in overall
  3. 7+
    • Powerlifting – increase in amount of proteins
    • Kettlebells – increase overall and creatine


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