Master protein Guide - Supplements whole foods & ratio Breakdown

Many protein supplement reviews will go over the same benefits versus costs of your protein. But we have to ask a more fundamental question.

Do you even need protein supplements? Mostly, you should be actively denying yourself protein! Really.
I know so many different people who train with me who partake. And, seriously-speaking, most should not even waste their money! Because, there are some qualifying features of the protein lovers and supplement drinkers.

1. Your goals matter
2. Your efficacy with eating patterns
3. Your budget

These are some of the delineating factors. But there are quite a few more as we’ll learn in the course.
For now, understand that you’re not the only one. My trainees: men and women, old and young, hard and softcore seemingly want to take down protein supplements alike. So let’s break it down.

– Do you need protein supplements/ reviews
– How to choose protein supplements
– Which protein supplements should you use
– Protein supplement usage for women/men/athletes



Who is the target?

  • Coaches, online and in-personal personal trainers
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Nutrition coaches, dieticians
  • Pilates, movement specialists & yoga instructors
  • Sport coaches – collegiate and professional
  • Fitness bloggers
  • Combat sport trainers and coaches


And, all fitness organizations will honor courses like this via write-in explanation.

Learning Hours?

This course is 1 hour. It includes:
3 downloadable pdf handouts
1080p video access can be viewed on all your devices as on-demand
Requires a quiz
Has a 10 day-money back guarantee
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