How to Read Food Labels Fast & get only nutrition Info you need (Part 1)

ALL my active and athletic trainees know this nutrition skill:

how to quickly scan and carefully read food labels fast for performance.

Being able to grab any product from the shelf and analyze it IS KEY! That’s because before a workout in a pinch, we don’t have to sacrifice for energy if we choose the best foods.

Or, after a workout if you need extra protein to supplement what you have already, you can make a quick stop at Safeway to optimize your workout experience.

First, we need the serving size though.

After that we can figure out how many carbs are in our food. This tells us if it’s pre-workout or post-workout food.

Right now, do you know:

How many complex carbs am I eating???

Reading food labels fast in a skill

Next, we find the amount of complex carbs

I know this secret – complex carbs are not listed!

Typically you won’t find it when you read food labels.

But if you do your own math, you can find out.

Take your SUGARS and subtract that number from TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES. This number is your complex carbohydrates.

While this includes fiber, it also tells you how much is used for recovery from exercise in the for of startches, amyloses, amylopectins, glycogens etc.

If this number is HIGHER, then it is great RECOVERY. If not, it’s great PRE-WORKOUT!

Now you know!


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