Nutrition Certification

Welcome to your Nutrition Certification

How many Americans can call themselves "nutritionists" in most of the country, without certification?
Every nutritionist requires licensure in order to give counseling and coaching.
By spearheading change, you are tasked to be food habit
In California, only dieticians can give nutrition coaching.
Nutritionists in RED/ORANGE STATES, can become nutritions who are then allowed to supply nutrition coaching.
As of today (2020), the national standard huide for general, healthful nutrition is set forth by MyPlate
Up to 15% of your diet should come from fruit according to
A innovative piece of advice added into the Food Guide Pyramid (1992) included adding physical activity.
Jack LaLanne described sugar-addicted people as
Atkins, and Paleo diets,basically, are types of what kind of diets?