Meal planning for Kickboxing | Interval training Diet

Need for Creatine

Creatine sources are easy to find.

Consider aminals make their own endogenous creatine from a combo of amino acids.

So, aminals are the sources of creatine.

  • Beef, pork, chicken
  • Eggs
  • Dairy

Raw sources are better sources of creatine. Furthermore, we are never looking for the amount of creatine that raw sources contain. So looking for beef tartar as quality source is unnecessary.

When meal planning for kickboxing, look for 2.5 grams in a given day.

In fact, as you deplete sources of creatine in the big muscle groups, you avail yourself of deeper stores of it. meal planning for kickboxing

Meal Planning for Kickboxing Basics

Every energy system gets used during kickboxing Training

Kickboxing is an extreme lifestyle, workout or sport. Essentially, it is highly demanding physically!

If you have taken a class, you can agree!

When you want kickboxing gains, eating has to shift accordingly.

and, since we use all energy systems when kickboxing we have to pay special attention.

  1. Add creatine
  2. Look for glutamine
  3. Complex carbs are key

Each nutrient gives us a means to increase the capacity for energy systems.

Kickboxing is interval training. And intervals give us the best means to increase performance but also drop body fat percent.

Let’s fuel up for kickboxing.

  • Power
  • Flurries - strength
  • Endurance

Power is the Difference

New to our meal planning, building up our power stores is key.

Since during any given round of combat sports and kickboxing your will be using power, we should develop power stores.

Fast-twitch muscle is the primary user of such stores.

And, those same muscle groups utilize creatine during activity for energy.





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