Meal planning for Cardio by ratios

Training endurance? Let's make sure we balance your nutrition for cardio gains.

Power meets strength, intervals bang into bursts and your kettlebell sets are underway.


Kettlebells are my #1 choice for conditioning fighters.

…the penultimate in conditioning. They’re just soooooo good.

Doing EMOMs is the most effective way to get great with your kettlebells.

Technical, cardio, strength and timing all get work in one fell swoop.

It’s magical really…

Without question, this is the modality of choice of conditioning fighters when building strength.

It’s simple: you perform a lot more reps with kettlebells.

You continue moving the whole time; kettlebells require attention to posture and technique.

Fuel your kettlebell day by making protein your priority. Load your creatine. Be smart!




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Want to get access to the full course now?