Meal planning for Cycling, Spinning, Biking & Fasted Cardio

Fasted cycling has contradicting benefits for biking.

The smartest way to improve your gain of course includes high rep count and little rest periods of active rest. Further, you must sustain this work rate for a bare minimum of thirty minutes.

30 minutes is the base limit for improvement in cardio gains, I have learned from years of experience.

  • Power | 45 rpm
  • Strength | 75 bpm
  • Endurance | 115 bpm

Spinning, cycling & biking at 3 intervals

Of course getting on your bike makes for a unique workout. First off, you cannot really STOP.

Pedaling slowly to the finish line is always an option but depending on the distance you travel, stopping is rarely in the program.

Spinning, similarly is about your ability to conitnue to simply GO.

Yet, when you get on your bike, you rarely stay at a steady pace. Usually you, change intensities based on your terrain and your objective.

Talking to a spin instructor, I learned inside spin studios, typically, you can work at these RPMs to energize different energy systems.

Fasted cardio and cycling: Useful?

Searching meal planning for cycling yields superfluous results about fasted cardio.

And I guess it makes sense: conquering 6 miles earlier in the day with the luxuries of time and lack of an oppressive white hot sun benefits riders more.

Folks usually have strong opinions on eating before morning workouts anyways. Combining the two – riding at dawn and a abhorrence to eating first thing in the morning – leads to the easy answer.

Fasted cardio is perfect for riding.


Fasted Cardio: burning fat or burning calories

Remember, fasted cardio as meal planning  has everything to do with your goals.

Fuel your Frame focuses on your performance gains and goals but your secondary goals include weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Consider that fasted cardio – a staple in cycling performance – benefits short term fat loss goals only or hi-level competition goals.

There is no in-between!

Since you want to add performance, eating or drinkking breakfast is the smarter option. And while it goes against the sexy recommendations of the day, know you there are lost of studies that point to fasted cardio as less effective.

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