Meal planning for Core, Balance Calisthenics & Bodyweight

Meals for core workouts are small, crucial adjustments

Meal planning for core workouts is relatively simple.Eat only to perform during your workout and to adjust based on your goals.

In fact, you probably won’t need to make drastic changes at all.

Simply eat your maintenance.

But here at FYF, we cover a new aspect of nutrition each week and this week we should talk about meal skipping.

Lots of yogis and core workout aficionados skip breakfast.

We should remember when skipping breakfast in practice, it’s incumbent on us to then fuel our workout still.

Your core is the physical center of your body.

meal planning for core workouts 2

Knowing your BASE is key

Because core exercises, Pilates and core strength workouts are low intensity we eat accordingly.

It’s true: core workout is metabolically less demanding as some other activities.

You’ll still, feel the intensity.

Yet, you are looking only to fuel your workout with about 200 calories of mainly sugars. And, you look to eat at your BASE.

It’s pretty simple!

Skipping breakfast

I understand in yoga circles, skipping breakfast is common.

In fact, I know this from a few personal experiences. Performing Pilates, core and bodyweight moves and practicing your yoga to get a powerful abs and core is best with on an empty stomach.

Typically, this anathema makes me wince.

Never, ever skip breakfast!

Especially, you should never skip it when you look to build muscle. As a result, you must consume something – this is priority. But you have options.

Drink your breakfast in a pinch

I have offered a recipe on the site for smoothies.

In person, coaches like me can offer expert smoothie ideas too.

Look, skip your breakfast as little as possible be it intentional or otherwise.

We can make two broad guidelines then:

  1. Meal planning for core exercises means planning for steady-state training
  2. Taking your breakfast by drinking it is better than skipping in any strength building.





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