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“My name is Johann Francis, CSCS, a 20 year pro strength coach and nutrition expert.  I believe that Nutrition coaching needs a new expert voice!”


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We offer a modern Nutrition Certification

If you have a passion for helping others in fitness, you should be a nutrition coach!

For Trainees

Professional coaches are always job-secure entrepreneurs or highly educated team members in the gyms!

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Family & Friends

NO more confusing advice and bro-science! be the change agent! Learn habit shifting & diets which help your loved ones change

5.5 hour quality course

Founder Johann Francis is a 20+ year pro Coach

  • CSCS certified
  • since 2003
  • trained hundreds IN-PERSON
  • at nearly than 40,000 hours
  • nutrition expert, (Bachelor’s in Sports nutrition)
  • performed as a lifelong athlete
  • coached every type of athlete and competitor
  • a proven strength method for change
  • an indie gym owner for more than thirteen years
  • provided CEU courses with ACE, NASM, NCCPT, NCSA
  • Dreamland Boxing Fight Camp Strength Coach

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Gym Nutrition Coach is a curriculum. After this course, you can begin working with trainees, friends and family or whoever need expert advice – TODAY. Learn on the go. Apply your knowledge.

University-level Sports Nutrition

I created this program based the needs of one trainee back in 2007. since then, this course has been curated to include the nutrition needs of everyone! become a nutrition coach today

Coach has your back

Erecting a community of people, daily, whether you are part of the membership group or if are online support only – know you are minutes from getting answers to your questions from Johann anytime you feel stuck on your programming.

help with eating

Day one, you are granted not just the dozens of cheatsheets inside the program but the 50+ pages of PDF’s regarding eating for daily gains and meal planning.

CEU's For continuing Education!

After purchasing videos, complete this and other courses for HOME STUDY credits after quiz complete, good toward your FITNESS training renewals.).

Certification Run-Down
Garbriella Strange, former D1 Athlete

What I love most about Johann’s take on training is that it is so varied! What I find most difficult about working out is how quickly I get bored doing the same exercises. Johann is successful in targeting the same muscle groups doing so many different workouts you never get bored.

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Compare the other brand-familiar Nutrition CERTIFICATION – which command the same scope:
  • $599 for ACE Fitness
  • $649 for AFPA
  • $799 for ISSA and NASM
  • $999+ for Precision Nutrition Pn Level 1
  • $500+ for NESTA, etc.


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  • free ebook on Nutrition: What we don't know about Nutrition
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