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We offer a modern Nutrition Certification

If you have a passion for helping others in fitness, you should be a nutrition coach!

  • Our certification is one-fourth the cost of ACE Fitness

For Trainees

professional coaches are always job-secure entrepreneurs or highly educated team members in the gyms!

  • Earn 0.5-0.7 CEU’s fast, while acquiring college-level coursework
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Family & Friends

NO more confusing advice and bro-science! be the change agent! Learn habit shifting & diets which help your loved ones change

  • We use what works in change and leave out the trendy & useless bro-science!

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nutrition coaches are experts!


  • this course is NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association approved 1.0 CEU(s) in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete this course.
  • Earn the meal plan template
  • A copy of the ebook
  • access to study guide videos
  • get certified quicker than most
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The Certification Run-down

Premium Nutrition Certification is approved by top organizations!

The Gym NUTRITION CERTIFICATION for Trainees, Family & Friends is course is formally approved for ceu’s by:

NCCPT 0.7 CEU’s | NASM 0.7 CEU’s | AFAA 7 CEU’s |


NSCA 0.7 CEU’s

This Continuing Education Nutrition Certification is driven by interesting and challenging lecture, slides and questions. Narrated by Johann Francis, CSCS, this nutrition coaching course is guaranteed for 15-day money-back interests. You can retake the course quizzes once for $49 (Reg. $99).

Not just cheap personal training ceus, this class explores methods you will use the day you finish.

We cover:

  • Sports Supplements
  • Every poignant diet and why they are compelling and different
  • The best ways to deliver calorie count to clients
  • Scope of practice for coaches versus dieticians
  • Intermittent fasting, snacking, and digital tracking methods
  • HABIT CHANGE models
  • Change theories like trans theoretical and cognitive approaches
  • Maslow’s change theory
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Basic structures of all macronutrients | the names of all micronutrients and basic functions
  • Build a huge menu for food substitutions for your clients
  • Weekly Averages for your clients to lose body fat
  • Charge more money for expertise
  • Breakdown nutrition labels quickly
  • Relapse and maintenance
  • Adding protein for mass
  • Near-degree level education
  • Helpful templates and handouts
  • The 3 Week Coaching Experience
  • MORE…

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  • Read & analyze any food label in under 20 seconds
  • Coach people to change their eating habits
  • Perform Motivational interviews
  • Calculate BASE calories and adjust ratios
  • Eyeball food without tools
  • Factor in activity
  • Breakdown every major diets pros and cons4
  • Much more accessible in the Members’ Gallery, Courses & via Assignments

Become one and earn your nutrition certification today!

Section 1 – History

  • Difference between dieticians versus nutritionists
  • What is a “nutritionist” REALLY?
  • Look at the map of jurisdiction
  • Qualities & Skills of nutrition coaches
  • How we ended up with nutrition debate
  • Course overview

Section 2 – Changes in Metabolism

  • How to lose weight while building performance
  • Active people have different needs
  • Adding lean body muscle is key
  • Increase performance with changing weight
  • Adjust your eating as you change metabolism

Section 3 – Vitamins, Minerals and Macros

  • Know how much Sodium you need per day
  • Minerals are the elements of the body
  • Common foods to find Potassium
  • Simple versus complex sugar
  • How many calories does beer have?

Section 4 – Prepare for Intervention

  • How to shift a eating pattern as you build muscle
  • Just how many calories do you need per day
  • What is change and how do I approach it?
  • Cognitive theories discussed
  • Change theories and transtheoretical change is KEY,key, key

Section 5 – the 3 Week Intervention and Learning New Skills!

  • 3 WEEK EXPERIENCE intervention by Coach Johann, CSCS intro
  • What are the ABC’s of Change?
  • How do I shift my belief in an outcome to control my eating
  • How to manage binge eating
  • SUPPLEMENTS! how to determine the best of the best
  • Should you take protein supplements?

Section 6 – Long-Term Solutions & Gluten Diets

  • Quick review of every known diet – **why any nutrition coach who advises you get on a diet IS highly UNDERQUALIFIED to give nutrition advice to people!**
  • Identifying relapses and how to overcome them
  • Learn why people use Gluten-free diets and what illness they solve
  • Vegans and vegetarians can get great protein from these sources…


  • What to add to your apps to TRACK YOUR calories and activities without confusion!


Degree-level info from a professional who has been there before – not someone who is copying the textbook word-for-word and presenting info like it’s their own. Not from a doctor who does not workout or has not trained athletes before or worked with general populations of exercisers. Receive honest info you can trust, friends!

I am 56 years old and came to California from Australia 18 months ago having been to gyms all my adult life. I have been going to Johann since my arrival. I came with significant back and knee problems. Johann is brilliant. He has totally fixed both my knee and my back and I have found muscles I never knew I had. But much more than that, Johann is a really great bloke (with great taste in music). I would recommend him to anyone.

John Tramway

John Tramway

What I love most about Johann’s take on personal training is that it is so varied! What I find most difficult about working out is how quickly I get bored doing the same exercises. Johann is successful in targeting the same muscle groups doing so many different workouts you never get bored. Each session goes by so quickly and the results were awesome.

Gabriella Strange

Gabriella Strange

Johann is great personal trainer you will learn something new every time you workout with him he will help you reach your goals in know time so if your looking for a great personal trainer you should checkout Underdog Personal Training.

Clay Zachery

Clay Zachery

As a fitness professional and multiple time npc competitor, I really love training with johann! He’s professional kind, and smart . Training with him was fun and very worthwhile. When we trained I enjoyed mostly the kettlebell moves we learned (which was intense) and got to work punch mitts too. consider him and Downtowns Underdog Personal Training if you want honesty and quality in your training and good kettlebell classes!

Danielle Dixon

Danielle Dixon

Well, thanks to Johann, I met my future husband and I came back to him once again to workout for my wedding and again, his tactics and creativity did not disappoint. I am always happy with the results I get from training with Johann and after my 2nd baby, I will definitely go back to him again.

Kim Singh

Kim Singh

I (trained with) Johann for almost three years. He (has) brought me to a level of strength and fitness I didn’t think possible in my 30’s. I started out as ‘skinny-fat’, with about 35 lbs of extra weight, and very little muscle underneath. Over time, I have lost the fat and added in 5-7lbs of muscle (the guy in the blue shirt doing a roundhouse in the photos is me) . My confidence levels have dramatically increased. Over the three years, we have added in more and more kickboxing, and do it for about 30% of every workout, excluding his Saturday kickboxing class, which is more like 95%. I couldn’t be happier with the training and guidance he has provided me. The high I get from each training day floats me through the workweek.

Cameron Hawk

Cameron Hawk

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15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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  • 13 downloadable resources
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Teaching & helping others, helps you master the skill of change!

Johann Francis, CSCS

Founder, Johann Francis is a 18 year pro and is/has:

  • CSCS certified
  • and trainer certified since 2003
  • trained literally hundreds IN-PERSON (virtual training isn’t where change happens! – sorry)
  • at more than 35,000 hours
  • a nutrition expert, (Bachelor’s in Sports nutrition)
  • performed as a lifelong athlete
  • coached every type of eater – folks like you – you can imagine
  • a proven sit-down method for change, which is proven to shift eating for weight change
  • more experienced than most modern coaches performing similar tasks today


Compare the other brand-familiar Nutrition CERTIFICATION – which command the same scope:
  • $599 for ACE Fitness
  • $649 for AFPA
  • $799 for ISSA and NASM
  • $999+ for Precision Nutrition Pn Level 1
  • $500+ for NESTA, etc.

As of 2019-2020 via Fitness Mentors: HERE


One-time payment

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
This course includes
  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 13 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Copy of The Peoples’ Science
  • Certificate of Completion

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