Change habits with Interviewing

All motivational interviewing begins with a purpose. That purpose is a general one, to build up lots of awareness in your trainees.

Despite the athletic prowess of some of your trainees, most are unaware of the nuances of their eating habits, I’ve gathered in training for 18 years.

So neophyte exercisers and elite athletes alike often look to coaches to boost their awareness about how and why they choose to eat certain foods in the scope of their new found fitness goals.

It certainly sounds easy, but motivational interviews make your trainees:

  • More confident
  • More aware of their eating habits
  • Safe – gives them time to explain their plights.

MI is a four part process.  While the order of the steps is not crucial, I thiknk it’s important to start with the EE stage. And yes, each one of the stages of a food habits motivational interview is a double letter alliteration which makes it easier to remember.

They are:

  • EE – engaging empathy – starting a trust cycle with your trainees
  • DD – developing distance – showing them goals are time oriented
  • RR – roll with resistance – adjust to barriers and rough changes
  • SS – Support self-interest – boosting confidence in trainees which doubles down on their successes.


Assessment rulers and scorecard

Stewart, E. PhD, and Chester Fox, MD, Encouraging Patients to Change Unhealthy Behaviors With Motivational Interviewing Fam Pract Manag. 2011 May-June;18(3):21-25.


Who is the target?

Coaches, online and in-personal personal trainers
Strength & Conditioning Coaches
Nutrition coaches, dieticians
Pilates, movement specialists & yoga instructors
Sport coaches – collegiate and professional
Fitness bloggers
Combat sport trainers and coaches


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