Coaching ABC habit changes in your Trainees


In order for you to coaches your friends, family or trainees, coaches, we must prepare to help change habits.

Fitness goal setting is about habits rather than the exact menu to eat from and the exact type of workout our trainees perform. Habits govern both these actions.

When we engage in a program of change – nutrition and eating habit change – we perform this assessment of ABC’s before the action phase.

A = Trigger or Antecedent

B = the resulting action or Behavior

C = the feeling you get or Consequence

Triggers include the events from the outside world. This, while different, is never going to change in occurrence. There will always be trigger.

That trigger forces your action – eating too much, too little, like crap or skipping altogether.

Last, the feeling is improved, denounced or maintained. This is the most glaring sign of a shift in action or a certain type of action that should be taken.

Ask great questions and learn when to engage in analyzing the ABC’s.


ABC's of food habit Change Primer

Stewart, E. PhD, and Chester Fox, MD, Encouraging Patients to Change Unhealthy Behaviors With Motivational Interviewing Fam Pract Manag. 2011 May-June;18(3):21-25.


Professionals who Benefit

  • Coaches, online and in-personal personal trainers
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Nutrition coaches, dieticians
  • Pilates, movement specialists & yoga instructors
  • Sport coaches – collegiate and professional
  • Fitness bloggers
  • Combat sport trainers and coaches

Learning Hours

This course isĀ  1 hour. It includes:

  • 3 downloadable pdf handouts
  • 1080p video access can be viewed on all your devices as on-demand
  • Requires a quiz
  • Has a 10 day-money back guarantee
  • Leaving reviews & feedback is not required but welcome!
  • CEU’s, CEC’s and CE’s (contact hours)
    • And, all fitness organizations will honor courses like this via write-in explanation.

Objectives & Goals

After completing this course,, students and coaches are able to do the following, immediately:

  1. Deconstruct any meal plan or diet’s core purpose
  2. Describe the process of specific habit change in three steps
  3. Present an alternative habit to existing and limiting habits
  4. Raise nutrition awareness

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