ZMA Supplement ZMX2, You Can Sleep on this One

Some years ago, I walked into a small Supplement shop, Cali Muscle in and remembered one the sale guys telling me to get on ZMA supplement.

He told me the stuff is supposed to naturally increase testosterone levels and thus lead to gains (with or without a Z).

I remembered thinking:

Someone invented, and prescribe, a ZMA supplement just to be a confusing neurotic pseudo-scientist.

Of course, I had no clue what it was and had never heard of it.

Zinc, Monomethionine Aspartate

I know what Zinc is – an element that your body considers a dietary requirement which is supposed to help help woulds, promote immune function and supposedly increase testosterone.

I know what methonine is – an amino acid – and so is aspartate (kind of).

Playing the part of a logic nutrition guy, this ZMA supplement was supposed to build a bit of muscle via the associate with Zinc and it’s esoteric testosterone-building capabilities.

I stood by my decision to skip it then when I heard about it because I know there are thousands of supplements, androgens, pro-hormones like DHEA and things that “increase testosterone”.

Exercising increase testosterone.

ZMA supplement, then to me, is anathema.

Turns Out ZMA was Invented Here in the Bay Area

Victor Conte and his team invented this supplement according to my research. And, the purpose was not just for strength gains but included a possibly for improved sleep.

ZMX, a product by All Max Nutrition is a Refined ZMA Supplement Formula which Promotes Better REM Sleep and Strength Gains

So, I took ZMX2 Advanced which come in quality white capsules after a long day and on an empty stomach. Rather than the recommended 3 caps, I took two, and then 1 after that for a few days.

Last week as a long one for me punctuated by late nights and early mornings so I was a little sleep deprived. I remember one night going to bed with these ZMX2’s in my system and having a fun, lucid dream.

This was the first time in weeks I felt like a was comatose during sleeptime. And the wild dream was occurring probably during hardcore REM Sleep.

In the gym this week, for me, it was high reps and lots of sets.

I wasn’t very sore all week, I increased most of my strength gains except in my back squats which I kept very light and was able to perform archer pull-ups for the first time.

But, I didn’t feel that much stronger – just more well rested.




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