Supplement Review | Reign Energy versus Bang Energy Drinks | Battle of energy substrates

BANG, BANG!! Today’s supplement review deep dives to answer: which supplement is more useful: CoQ10 or Creatine…??

Reign Energy “Total Body Fuel” versus Bang Energy, the sports nutrition debate, depends on the answer.

Reign energy and Bang every are same…! except for 1 major feature. (Other than Bang being the better supplement)

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Reign Energy has CoQ10, a source more aligned with aerobic metabolism…probably during cardio sessions or longer sets. While Bang Energy’s creatine highlights gain for harder short sets.

So, why do I prefer Bang Energy over Reign Energy?

Because there are very different uses for creatine versus CoQ that extend beyond the duration of your workout.

Bang has creatine | Reign has CoQ10 | Both have bcaa's

  • Take your Pick: Creatine or CoQ10
    CoQ10 is oxidatative, for cardio
    Creatine is for short bursts and short sets
  • We talk about the Branch Chain Amino Acid makeup and the CoQ10 uses in the body (3:17)

Both drinks contain BCAAs which of course, everyone loves. But, do you know why BCAA’s are useful? (4:32)

Creatine is more useful – here’s why (6:22)

My idea for the perfect supplement which Reign promotes as “Total Body Fuel” (7:42)

STACK IT or STOP IT … that’s the choice we conclude on with my supplement reviews.