Food Labels dictate your Eating (Series Part 2)

ALL my active and athletic trainees know this nutrition skill:

how to quickly scan and carefully read food labels fast for performance.

Being able to grab any product from the shelf and analyze it IS KEY! That’s because before a workout in a pinch, we don’t have to sacrifice for energy if we choose the best foods.

By tabulating, QUICKLY, how many carbs versus sugar and fiber are inside of ANY food, you determine its usefulness. For athletes, for active folks – this is KEY.

As you do the fast math, begin to make general rules for the following: what is PRE-workout nutrition, what is POST-workout nutrition.

How many complex carbs am I eating???

Good Pre/Post Nutrition awareness is so KEY in your Fitness

reading food labels

This is how we figure how many carbs you need.

Here’s a secret – complex carbs are not listed!

But a food high in complex carbs is best AFTER CARDIO!

But if you do your own math, you can find out.

Take your SUGARS and subtract that number from TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES. This number is your complex carbohydrates.

While this includes fiber, it also tells you how much is used for recovery from exercise in the for of startches, amyloses, amylopectins, glycogens etc.

If the food is very high in “SUGARS” and maybe about 30% or less in complex carbohydrates, it is better PRE-WORKOUT.


Because this easy for you body metabolically to burn off. And, in order for your body to burn tons of FAT, you need glucose levels to be normalized first.

Meaning, you NEED SUGAR. Stop skipping it!

Now you know!