Coach Johann's Fitness School & NUTRITION COACHING resolves to help employ those under-served professionals who need actionable lifelong education in nutrition & fitness to support themselves and their families.


Pros, these robust courses are AFFORDABLE and supply USABLE gym fitness & practice.


Taught ONLINE (remotely) or as a WORKSHOP the Nutrition Coaching course is Approved for CEU's by NASM, AFAA, NSCA & NCCPT.

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PUTTING ON LARGER MUSCLE inside the gym with Greg

How to NATURALLY BOOST your Creatine for POWER | Coaches' Lesson


Fifteen years as an active coach provide me with a unique prospective on the nature of nutrition coaching - there are many "experts" who are clinicians and do not have athletic & active clients; there are many coaches who do not have formal education. THIS CERTIFICATION GRANTS YOU BOTH! Expertise & Education.


Be EXPERTS in your field! Strength Coaches, personal trainers, group instructors, et. al., need masters to lead the way for their students and clients. Mastery comes with time so the best way to master training, earn more money and be a "MARINE" in the gym is being ELITE. This Nutrition Coaching course give you USABLE tools which make you a master at your craft!

5 Nutrition Truths you Learn After you get Certified

You always have options in Fitness - to train, to learn, to motivate others

Motivational "Interviewing"

Roll with Resistance
Express Empathy
Develop discrepancy
Support self-efficacy
...... this clinical language your doctor might use is simply "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and YOUR ABILITY TO CHANGE TODAY! Here's how we do that."


Personally, I've never dieted. I do read the articles and the books.... Yet, I've met over a hundred individuals like your clients who have tried EVERY DIET under the sun and with ALMOST ZERO exception, none work and all of them fail long-term. My best friend and our friends were competitive bodybuilders and knowing their eating routines, I'll repeat... DIETS DON'T WORK

Calculate Calories in your head & apply Weekly averages

What might seem like a bar trick really is an elite skill - the know-how to figure a man or woman's calorie needs without a textbook or calculator. This is crucial when your clients "forgot" (it's only human) to write down their meals for the day/week or left some out...curiously.

Read a food label in under 30 seconds - determine the foods usefulness

EVERYONE must learn the basics of breaking down a food label. Especially athletic clients who have eagle-like food precision when picking meals. Is the food a great:

  • post-workout
  • pre-workout
  • or during workout option
  • or just "don't ask."

Eat for energy - to fuel your workout

Even athletes struggle here simply because the "word" is not out on how we must fuel our workouts for:
Intermediate training
And, yes, because of differing demands (intensities) of training, there are major differences for fuel and recovery.


Meet your Coach!

Johann, like you, is a working coach & trainer who has trained well over 30,000 hours and hundreds of clients!


Raised in the Bay Area, Johann is a lifelong athlete and champion for others who want change! He was owner of his own nutrition company and currently runs his own studio, Underdog Training , in San Jose. Like you, he has evolved in fitness, to learn more, work more and train harder.

Why create "another Nutrition Coaching" Cert?

Why create 'another Nutrition Coach' Cert? Between IDEAfit, ACE, NESTA, NASM, Precision Nutrition, DotFit (all trademarks) alone there are loads of prestigious brands to follow. Why THIS one, with you coach?"
Fifteen years as an active coach provide me with a unique prospective on the nature of nutrition coaching - there are many "experts" who are clinicians and do not have athletic & active clients; there are many coaches who do not have formal education. THIS CERTIFICATION GRANTS YOU BOTH! Expertise & Education.

Specifically, what skills will I get which make this valuable?

"We pros are natural leaders and natural helpers, but we need to make money too. How does this certification increase my bottom line?"
Charge a premium for this COACHING SKILL SET. A bare minimum of fifty dollars per session is expected from quality nutrition coaches who actively give their clients skills in nutrition and help change their habits. This is because you future graduates are calculating calorie counts, debunking fat diets with science analyzing digital tracking methods, listening and motivating clients using change theories and behavioral models, adjusting macronutrient ratios, doing motivational interviews with confidence!

How many CEU's or CEC's do I get?

"All fitness pros are EXPECTED to remain current continuing education, so just how much do I get?"
Consider this the last Nutrition Coaching Class you will ever need, because you will become an expert after practicing these skills with clients while they change their eating habits. And, you will earn a maximum of 0.7 (or 7) CEU's from NSCA, NCCPT, NASM & AFAA for this approved course. Think: for $109 = 0.7 CEU's. That is almost double the amount of CEU's for this price (most are over $200), with equaling quality of education you WILL USE DAY 1! TRX certs (non-NCCA) for example, are 8 hour workshops and can be up to $300-$400 for 0.7 to 0.8 CEU's

I am certified, (or not) with another organization. Do I get CEU's?

"Who else recognizes this course as approved?"
Everyone in fitness recognizes workshop and distance learning fitness/nutrition courses as viable for re-certification. Most organizations need 20 (or 2.0) CEU's for re-certification over 1 - 3 years. THIS COURSE COUNTS!

My team needs this education. How do we all certify?

"What's the process and cost for my team of trainers to become certified? And what's the benefit?"
Throw open those doors! Invite me to your facility so we can train! Schedule a weekend or midday block HERE.
Directors and Owners, YOU NEED YOUR COACHES TO UNIFY THEIR NUTRITION KNOWLEDGE. Gyms run best when every coach shares their experiences and their schedules are FULL.. THIS EQUATES TO LESS TRAINER TURNOVER - trust me - my gym experiences reflect the nature of high turnover of quality coaches. Nutrition isn't hearsay - it's science-based study - your team will be experts in nutrition coaching, and thus provide a unified front. There is a base cost of $200 and we work and role-play for about THREE HOURS.

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